Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Common Diagnosis by Social Work Degree Guide

A Common Diagnosis? Autism Prevalence Compared
Image compliments of Social Work Degree Guide

Autism Wavier Update September 2013

I apologies for the sparse posts as of late. Hopefully, as my health continues to improve I will be able to post some more in the future. For now I will say my son is doing great with ABA therapy. We are noticing improvement in speech, social skills, and fewer refusals. It is a big relief for me, the parent, to have the added help in addressing challenges. It is such a relief to have help and breaks almost every day. I hope others are seeing the same results.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Special Challenges

This is very well done. It touches on the many side of having a child with special needs. I love that the parents are willing to serve and love their child unconditionally. Even better when a neighbor, friend, or teacher is willing to educate themselves and learn about that individual, and then serve the whole family.


Special Challenges from McKay School of Education on Vimeo.