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The book, Autism: Understanding The Puzzle, gives you clear and simple explanations of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Whether you are new to, or have had years of experience in helping someone with autism, this will help you better understand the puzzle.
As the mother of six boys, four of whom are on the autism spectrum, I wanted to understand autism—what it was and how to help my sons. However, I could not find a book that would explain things in a simple way or that was short enough that I felt I had time to read it. I was already overwhelmed with the demands of my sons’ challenges, and I didn’t have time to read a lengthy, complicated book or do extensive research on the Internet.
This is the book I wish I’d had when my boys were first diagnosed—the handbook I wanted when I needed a quick question answered. It is the resource I wished I’d had to share with my family and friends when they were trying to understand or help.
Here, I share information that has helped our family and given us hope through hard times. I also touch on a few of my personal experiences and share insightful comments from other parents.
Autism Understanding the Puzzle does not address every aspect of autism and its complexities. It covers general information and provides resources for further study.

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