Bringing the Early Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorders Into Focus

Special Challenges

Special Challenges from McKay School of Education on Vimeo.

My Brother Hyrum - Rusty Earl
This is one of my favorite videos about autism.
Simply explained by five year old Hannah. 
Posted with permission from Rusty Earl

My Brother Hyrum "Autism Awareness" from Rusty Earl on Vimeo.

What is it Like to Have a Brother With Autism? - Spencer Timmes

Fixing Autism - Lous-Land

Essentials for Educators: High Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome - Highly Recommended !!!

Autism Through a Siblings Eyes - Autism Coucil of Utah

Law Enforcement Training Video - Sahara Cares

Autism Sibling Study - KSL News

Carly Finds a Voice - ABC 20/20

60 Minutes with Temple Grandin - 60 Minutes

Grocery Store Outing - Real Look Autism

Occupational Therapy: Shaving Real Look Autism

Temple Grandin the movie Trailer
and the Thinking in Pictures segment

Wretches and Jabbers website
The Trailer

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