Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Homemade, Adjustable, and Washable Weighted Blankets

These are the homemade, adjustable, and washable weighted blankets that many in the family worked on for Christmas. The design and most of the work was done by Grandma. If you don't want to make it all from scratch, you can attach the weighted pockets to any blanket made from material strong enough to hold the weight. For Instructions Click Here

6 blankets, 4 with weighted attached pockets
This is the backside of the second blanket from the left.
  Strips with snaps to attach the weighted pockets to the blanket for easy assemble.
The weighted bags may be removed from the pockets 
so the blanket and pockets may be washed.
Six pockets across and ten down for a twin size bed.
The best part is deciding where to have the weight.
Not every pocket has to be filled.
Each pocket has velcro inside to attach each bag in five spots.
Then they don't fall out and have even weight distribution.

  The top of the blanket has a flap sewn over 
to keep the snaps from coming undone.


Julian Levi said...

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cmg said...

Hi. I've started this project for my son.... thank you for posting something about "adjustable" blanket, as he's 8 and will grow / I can't buy blanket after blanket each year.

I was curious -- the photos above (#2, #3, #4) show snaps AND velcro. Do you mind explaining that a bit more? Have you considered using velcro to hold the 2 sides together in lieu of snaps? I am concerned that snaps may pull through my flannel piece / was considering putting something stronger inside, but worried that snaps may not go through all of the fabric if doubling up.

Thanks for any input or advice!

Unknown said...

Is there any way you could help me understand the pockets better? Are they sewn on the blanket before or after the Velcro? Im so visual its hard to understand written directions

Sharla Jordan said...

You have a couple options. You may mark where each pocket be and attach the Velcro first, then see the pockets to the blanket backing. Or attach the pockets to the blanket backing and then turn pocket fabric to sew the Velcro inside. It was easier to measure where the Velcro would go after seeing on the first row of pockets, but then you may have great measuring skills and want to add the Velcro first. Let me know how it works best for you.

This also has more detailed instruction if that helps.

Sharla Jordan said...

Not see or seeing... sorry, sew and sewing....

Unknown said...

Hi! This is great, I can't wait to make a few. My question is, is there a way to make the bags them selves adjustable to be able to grow with kiddos?

Sharla Jordan said...

We used a blanket size big enough for a twin bed. We put the bags in according to their size and where they like the weights the most. (Outside, on top, every other pocket...) then as they grow we add additional bags to the pockets near the end of the blanket.