Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hoofbeats to Healing - Theraputic Riding Center

Horse therapy (equine therapy) works to re-pattern the individuals’ brain and rebuild the right and left hemisphere connections that are out of balance or not functioning.

Hoofbeats to Healing is a therapeutic riding center that specializes in helping those with neurological dysfunctions. Individuals with TBI's, RAD, ASD, ADHD, Bipolar, Down Syndrome and so many more. All of our boys have shown improvements with horse therapy over the last two years. They make better eye contact, have more interaction with others, experience fewer emotional episodes, communicate better, and are calmer and happier. 

Our good friend Laura has also seen changes in her daughter over the last year and shares her experience..

"Horse therapy has changed our lives. It has broken the shell of imprisonment for our daughter, unlocking her world and making her a part of our world. The first time she hugged me, and REALLY HUGGED ME (that is she initiated the hug), I knew horse therapy was working, and we would do it for her lifetime. It is a regularly scheduled therapy that will be a constant in her life. The horses at Hoofbeats to Healing are healing her. She loves the horses and we will be forever grateful."

Contact Information -

Hoofbeats To Healing
Tamera Tanner
1006 West 5000 South
Palmyra (Spanish Fork), UT  84660
Phone: 801-836-4325

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