Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Book Reviews for Autism: Understanding The Puzzle

Nov. 5, 2011By Janice LeFevre
I recommend this book to anyone who loves and serves a child with autism. Sharla Jordan's warm and informative book will help you understand the special needs of those with autism while giving concrete tips on how to serve. I wish I'd had this book six years ago when I first began helping a little boy with autism in my church class. This book is filled with excellent information that helped me understand my little friend and enabled me to serve him better. I'm getting a copy for myself and several to give away!

Nov. 28, 2011By James Vaughan
I've known about this book coming out for a while and I eagerly anticipated receiving my copy and I was certainly not let down at all, it's fantastic! Having a child with autism, explaining to other parents is sometimes hard to do because it certainly comes across as personal opinion, however letting someone read this book, then talk about the challenges parents like us face on a daily basis becomes much easier for someone to understand. Sharla's book really makes the topic of autism easy to understand, explains such challenges as sensory overload, various therapies and most important, the way to show support for those on the spectrum. If you have someone in your life who is simply struggling to understand, look no further than Autism: Understanding the Puzzle for help!

Dec. 5, 2011By Jenn Alvey
Wonderful book! Can relate to EVERYTHING written in it, since I have a son with Aspergers. It's nice to have a book that explains what it is like living with a child who has Autism, because it can be really hard to explain it to others. I definately recommend this book to everyone who has a family member with an ASD, or a parent who has a child with an ASD, or those who wish to understand what it is like for parents.

Thanks for the great reviews Janice, James. and Jenn! 
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