Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Book Review from a Grandmother

I have my own copy of the book by Sharla Jordan, Autism, Understanding The Puzzle, and am amazed at all the information that is contained in such a small book!  This book is so easy for anyone to understand and comprehend more fully the different aspects of Autism.  It helps me to see better the challenges of parents, teachers and care givers who assist persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Throughout the book Sharla has listed questions asked by people who really want to know about Autism.  She then goes on to address and answer those questions in very simple language.  This has been very helpful to me, a grandmother, with eight grandchildren who have been diagnosed with Autism.  The Table of Contents lists every question, with the page it is on, making it so helpful and quick to find what I want to read about!
I highly recommend this book to anyone with their own questions about Autism!!!   
By Junith Roberts

Best Autism Book Out There!
Short, Sweet, and to the Point.

I highly recommend the book, 
Autism Understanding the Puzzle, to parents and extended family.

I Love It!
Even my husband has read it.

By Laura Benedict
Mother of a child with Severe Autism
Parent Advocate for Dr. Lisa Palmeri
pediatric specialist for children with autism

I just read the book "Autism: Understanding the Puzzle" and highly recommend it! The book is written in a way that even I could understand. I have 10+ nieces/nephews who have autism so I was very interested in reading it. One part of the book helps explain some "do's & don'ts" and if I'd had these suggestions years ago it could have prevents some hurt feelings.

If you work with children or have relatives with autism, this book is a must read.
By Donna Millett

Autism, Understanding the Puzzle is excellent. It accomlishing its purpose of helping its readers, people like me, to understand "the Puzzle" of autism.  It explains the terminology.  It provides a broad basic understanding of the many types and categories and degrees of autism.  It does so without requiring a lot of time in study or research.  It provides hope.  It assists a person who may have difficulty with aceptance of autism in someone who is dear.  It is useful and practical.
David L. Roberts

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Thank you for writting this book. It is wonderful.