Friday, December 13, 2013

Autism Waiver Update December 2013

Again our son continues to benefit from ABA therapy provided by the Utah Autism Waiver Program. He has meet his goals and is moving onto new ones to help with his life skills and development. We see marked improvements in him and it gives me hope for his future. As a parent I am really enjoying the much needed help in providing the one on one therapy for my son. As well as the much needed breaks provided by respite care.
One of our other sons would benefit greatly from ABA therapy, but such services aren't available at this time with our insurance. Sure, we could have him sign up for private ABA therapy, but that isn't doable with our budget, or with most families budgets. Challenging doesn't begin to describe what a special needs child or parent face every day. I only wish there were more programs like this for older children and adults with autism. I see and hear about new programs, services, advocacy, awareness, and understanding for autism often. So, I'm not giving up hope and will move forward with a willingness to work to help those with autism and special needs.

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