Monday, October 17, 2011

Autism and Self injury: A World of Its Own

"The beautiful, blessed, but bizarre life of living with autism and acute, episodic self injurious behaviors Everyday is different. You don't always know when or if the behavior will emerge. You could be having a great day and then, suddenly, you're walking down the street and a car alarm goes off, and now, we're on the ground, trying to prevent fists from flying into his head...sometimes all you can do is grab his hands, comfort him and survive the moment...then press on." kgaccounts

A big hug for the both of them. What an awesome mom to dedicate so much for her son.


Vibration Tube Stops Mild Episode of Self Abuse in Autistic Person

Using a vibrating tube, one of the many therapy tools for those with autism. This young man is able to stop self injurious behavior, "70-75% the time" says his mother.

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