Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Our Normal

I often hear the term "normal", that could mean so many things. Being the mother of six boys, four of them on the autism spectrum, makes our home life unique. Yes, our whole family works hard at improving our quality of life, and we have made huge leaps over the years.  But it is obvious Nero-typical or "normal" isn't always what happens here.
Earlier this week I was trying to relax after a rough night with our youngest - who has a difficult time staying asleep all night and often panicky when he wakes me up - the structure could wait a little while I recharged.

While relaxing I was listening to the sounds and watching the activity in our home. It was full of movie quotes, singing, and lots of activity - pacing, tip toe walking, and jumping. I was reminded of a realization I had a couple years ago. This is our "normal" other homes must be pretty boring.

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