Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Autism + Change = Difficult

Life is never constant, and because of that fact we learn to adapt to change and go with the flow. 

However, autism + change = difficult

"Transitions [or change] can be difficult adjustments for those with autism. They might blow up because you ended something early or switched the order of the day’s activities. The challenges of these anxieties are difficult for caregivers to manage and are major hindrances to their ability to focus on schoolwork, to remember what to say in a conversation, or how to behave appropriately. Others allow their anxiety to build all day and then come home where they feel safe and finally let it go, resulting in a major blow up or melt down." (Autism Understanding The Puzzle

You guessed it, we had change today, more so than usual. It is easy to give in and dismiss the structure that helps our boys make a smooth transition. I often want to fall back on easy fixes, even when I know it will be more work later on. However, today I managed to find solutions and work to keep the day flowing as consistent as possible. Yeah, there were several meltdowns this morning and there may be a few more before the day is over, but we will make it through the day. Hopefully all this effort will make the next day easier, and help our boys through their next transition.


Jane Strauss said...

Reminds me of the time when the (allegedly special ed trained and licensed) teacher in a school my (now home educated) kid USED to attend could not understand why he was out of sorts...WHEN THE ENTIRE CLASS SCHEDULE HAD BEEN CHANGED WITHOUT WARNING UNTIL 11... and the problems stopped at 11. Well, DOH.

Meredith Mull said...

boy do I understand this! Change is very difficult here, no matter how small a change it is!