Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm Having an Autistic Moment

I walk into the kitchen ready to serve dinner tonight to my family 
and I want to shout out, 
"I am Having an Autistic Moment!"
I have to laugh rather than cry. . .
One of our boys is stemming from the noises his brothers are making.
One is repeatedly rambling off the latest video he has just watched.
Another is pacing the floor, rambling something I can't make out, but apparently is really funny because he is laughing.
The other is jumping up and down with excitement, smiling and making the most unique faces.
Our boys have opened our awareness to sensory input.  Every now and then my husband and I will jokingly admit that we too have those moments when our senses have been overloaded. I took a few minutes to change my perspective from stress to laughter.
At least most of my boys are happy tonight, it could be worse. Others may think our home is absolute chaos and at times it really feels like that.  I just tell them

I have to find the humor in the chaos 
so I can keep myself sane.
Autism + Humor = Sanity 
(Autism: Understanding The Puzzle) 

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